Candidate Criteria

Each World Water Phenomenon will be certified as a SAFE marine area and awarded with the White Flag as a standard procedure and requirement. This will guarantee the WWP full protection program from WhiteFlag International, as well as access to the monitoring and surveillance program. Once a location has become a candidate and before receiving the official WWF status award, it well need to fulfil important requirements such as following.


Technical Details

  • drawing of a detailed map of aquatic life and eco-system data
  • providing detailed info about water quality, pH level, bacterial content and mineral values
  • mapping potential threats, such as local industrial zones (if applicable)
  • providing existing reports from local research institutes about the marine area
  • providing documented healing capabilities of the water or other water content
  • supplying a list of land based species and animals which are dependent on the WWP location

Historical Information

  • providing existing old scripts and books about the WWP location candidate
  • listing historical monuments and historical events that have taken place at the WWP location as well as
  • any documented myths and historical stories that are passed on from one generation to another

Visual Data

  • providing visuals of the WWP location candidate, photos from above and close-ups
  • establishing if any present 3d effect occurs when looked upon from the sky
  • supplying partial fragments or algae that effect the colour of the water
  • visual changes through the whole year - reason, what kind of changes and why they occur


Once all the information and technical aspects are provided and stored in WhiteFlag International database, all future preservation, protection, monitoring, and yearly surveillance of WWP locations will be compared, at the end of each year, with this information.

If there are any significant changes at the WWP location, WhiteFlag Int. will start an immediate investigation to clarify the cause and prevent any further changes. As a part of the WhiteFlag Int. CSMA (Certified SAFE marine area), these locations will be completely cleaned from plastic and other marine debris, as one of the highest requirements of the WhiteFlag International. CSMA WhiteFlag areas are inspected on a yearly basis several times, dependent on the local environment.

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