• World's first three WWP candidates
    Caño Cristales, Colombia
    Blue Lake, Croatia
    Crater Lake, Canada
  • Unique legacy for mankind

About WWP

World Water Phenomenon (WWP) project was created to promote and protect our planet’s most beautiful, unique, and magical aquatic sites and to remind us of their beauty, perfection, and elegance. There are magical, breathtaking and unimaginably beautiful...

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A World Water Phenomenon is a special location chosen for its excellence, unique characteristics, and exceptional beauty, combined with so-called “X-factor” Further criteria for making a place a WWP are scientific observations of water surface and its...


World Water Phenomena applicants need to officially nominate a marine area and enclose the necessary information required by WWP administration. Applicants can be local government, national government, an NGO, foundation or an individual who is in possession of the necessary...

WWP Promotion

World Water Phenomenon promotion is based on promoting local areas in countries where WWP are located, through mainstream media and all available networks that WhiteFlag International operates within. This includes a network of all countries' infrastructures in governmental...

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