Award Protocol

Once the requirements and standards for WWP have been met, the award ceremony can take place. The award ceremony is very important for WWP because from that moment on, the nominated place becomes an important landmark and, being presented globally, its country’s main tourist attraction.


High-ranking official ceremony attendance

In order to proceed with the award ceremony, an official consent has to be given for the governmental sector; national governments, ministries of environment, ministries of tourism or some other ministries responsible for these types of projects. Presidential or prime ministers' offices are officially acceptable too. Local governments need to be informed by national governments sector. The attendance of a prime minister, a president, or a royal family member is required, if possible. If not, the attendance of a minister as the next high ranking officer is acceptable.


Communication system integration

Installation of OCEPS (Ocean Communication, Educational, and Promotional System) is required at every WWF site and its surroundings which will be, in each case, adjusted depending on the local area surroundings and conditions.The size of the area will have a crucial role on how the OCEPS will be integrated into the area. The national and local governments must have two GEPN monitors placed in local and national government institutions such as ministries, tourism board, or environmental agencies buildings.


Ceremony organization protocol

The high-level official award ceremony organization needs to be coordinated between the WWF and national and local governments.The announcement of the WWP award ceremony has to be pronounced in media of minimum 14 days in advance. The WWF White Flag award recognition is awarded by the WWF White Flag president directly to a high-government official, in the country of the award, on the exact WWF location. The official raising of the flag is done by the highest government official at the award ceremony.


WWP location promotion

The WWP, WhiteFlag Int., and the awarded government initiate global promotional campaign for the promotion of the awarded WWF location, in close cooperation and joint efforts. Promotion is done in order to raise awareness of the protection of the most precious natural resource - water.

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