WWP Concept

WWP Concept

The World Water Phenomenon concept was created to be implemented into a global infrastructure through all segments of the tourism industry, making it, through promotion channels, self-sustainable.

Next to being self-sustainable, WWP places will be protected, preserved, and kept clean by WhiteFlag International. WWP places and their respective countries will be closely monitored by WhiteFlag Int. and its partners. Each of these places will be awarded the world's most acclaimed symbol for clean oceans, lakes, and rivers – the White Flag. They will also have the OCEPS (Ocean Communication, Educational, and Promotional System) installed, which has already been integrated into all segments of the tourism industry such as tour operators, airline companies, and the countries' government infrastructures. This will allow WWP places to reach the global general public, as well as to promote themselves.

Countries with WWP locations will reap the benefit of this promotion in form of tourists from all around the world coming to experience these unique places. One of the general ideas is to popularize WWP locations in mainstream media through different big-media programming segments, advertisements and background still frame, in order to bring it closer to the public to enjoy it. In order to protect WWP locations, people need to know about their existence, locations, and uniqueness, as well as their special role for our planet.

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